FOODAWA Food Technology is a professional service team, consisting of global food scientists, food enterprises, food technology and management experts, to promote and provide good food manufacture technologies and management strategies. FOODAWA owned manufacturing facilities produce OPADI brand products and contract manufacture private labels to highest standards.

Our aim is to assist micro, small and medium scale food enterprises, as well as any other food linked businesses or government agencies to achieve highest standards by applying our global expertise, for example by implementing an efficient HACCP and traceability system, to ensure food hygiene and safety. In food formulation and processing, we are concerned about preservation of food nutrients and balance; from ingredient choice to packaging, we focus on sustainable, energy efficient processes and environmental friendly technologies. We dedicate ourselves to knowledge exchange for international organic farms and organic food production.

The FOODAWA Open Food Factory plays an exemplary educational role in food production and management to promote a high quality and sustainable food manufacture philosophy.

• We are your resource, dedicated to deliver most excellent services to your food production, food and process development, food hygiene, safety and traceability.

• We are your first partner, to strengthen your enterprise by applying advanced food technology expertise and management strategies with your ambition to deliver unique and outstanding products.

• We are supporting you at your side, to become and remain a successful player in the world of food.

• We are your guide, for food related health, well-being, sustainable and eco-friendly production.